Making Traditional Latin Mass Mainstream

What Is This Place

What is tridentine.org? It’s a network of WordPress sites dedicated to delivering the beauty and majesty of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Any parish hosting a Traditional Latin Mass may have a beautiful website free of charge.


To sign up, simply send us an email about your Traditional Latin Mass. Is the TLM promoted on your website? Do you have a website? If your parish lacks a beautiful web platform to promote the TLM, then you’ve come to the right place.

Email:  beauty@tridentine.org

About Us

We are the faithful lay Catholics of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Desiring the beauty, reverence, and authenticity of the Traditional Latin Mass, tridentine.org is all about rebuilding the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the authentic Traditional Latin Mass form.


Who are the clergy that preside over your TLM? Here we will compile names and addresses of the men leading the charge for Christ.


Where are these Heavenly places where we can be a witness to the re-presentation of Christ’s Passion?


How do I save my soul? Where can I learn about the promises of Christ?

Do you code?  Get paid for bringing Holy Mother Church to the masses.