What are we going to do?

Get Christ’s message to the masses by restoring the beautiful Traditional Latin Mass.

How are we going to do this?

First and foremost, by bringing people here to the Tridentine website, we’re already building a network of clergy, writers, historians and coders. Next, for every parish around the world hosting a Tradtional Latin Mass, we’re going to build a stunning and beautiful website just for their parish. This website will be a part of the Tridentine website network, and will be built and hosted free of charge. Finally, we’re going to bring an authentic Catholic education to anyone that wants to learn all about Jesus Christ.

How can I help?

If you’re in good standing within a Traditional Latin Mass parish, please let us know what you can do. Please don’t sit by the sidelines, make the effort to reach out. We are building a community of millions for the resurrection of the Traditional Latin Mass.

Please Tell Us About Yourself

This is the place to step up and help bring Christ to all corners of the world. Please take a moment to sign up in the box to the right.

Deo Gratias!

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